Rental Pricing and Information

All Genoa Town Facility Rentals are available on a first come, first served basis. Town of Genoa activities and sponsored events retain first priority for facility use. Please contact the Town Office regarding availability and information about our Genoa Package.  All rentals and payments are now being made online through our new Rentopian rental system. This new system catalogs the date and time of your event, will send you the required rental documents to digitally sign, and allow you to pay online via Credit Card and/or Check.  To secure one of our rental properties please call the Town Office at 775-782-8696 during normal office hours. 

2023 Rental Fees for the Genoa Church, Genoa Park, and Town Hall plus Kitchen.

Applicants interested in a rental must submit an appropriate deposit payment to the Town of Genoa.  Any requests for cancellation or change to a rental must be submitted in writing and are subject to the terms laid out in the Facility Rentals Policies and Procedures.

All Town rentals require Comprehensive General Liability Insurance. Click Here for the information sheet.